Jaden’s home continent and where the series begins. It’s one of the only continents yet to be affected by the wars; still a pristine sub-tropical paradise in many places with ancient volcanic mountains and lush forests.



The land bridge at the top of the continent connects it to Tiquan. The United Resistance have their biggest military force there in Corsec city.


If you’re looking for where “When War Calls” mostly takes place, it’s from Callibra (south west) through to Corsec (north).




Tiquan is a giant continent split into two by the sea. Most of the nations have been conquered or become allied with the World Protection Alliance. There is a land bridge connecting Tiquan to Aurialis, but the World Protection is held back by the United Resistance in Corsec city.


Its lands are diverse with mountains, forests and deserts, but much of it has been taken over by human cities and farms.




Despite the divide, both eastern and western Cejian were quickly conquered by the World Protection Alliance. Many of the nations now exist in a weakened state, as many of its peoples have been forced to join the war efforts.



It is a northern continent above the World Protection Alliance’s home continent, Phaiross. And west of the biggest continent, Tiquan.



Where World War IV began. With the resource wars escalating into all out war between these nations, those that chose to ally with one another were victorious and soon conquered the whole continent. This is now the base of the World Protection Alliance. After taking control of the continent above them, Cejian, they were able to obtain more than enough resources to not only supply their nations with much needed foods and goods, but also take much of the next continent, Tiquan. If it wasn’t for the United Resistance and the superior navies defending the remaining continents, there would be nothing to stop their global conquest.



The last continent to remain free of World War IV. The nations here, known as the east, are heavily fortified and the only people that the World Protection Alliance truly fear. They remain a mystery to all, even those in their neighbouring continent, Aurialis, but are becoming more and more interested in the wars as they are moved closer to their homes. As the United Resistance becomes desperate to hold off the advances of the World Protection Alliance, some are starting to reach out to these powerful nations.


The World Protection Alliance, lacking the naval power of others, have never been able to successfully mount an attack against them. Instead, they have chosen to move through the other continents, with little ocean travel.