I started this series back in 2001 and have rewritten the first book at least 8 times. It was first published under the name “Virtuar – Awakening”, then again under the name “The Heroes Fall – When War Calls”, and then once more under the same name. As you can imagine, writing a novel is extremely difficult, but after a lot of feedback, I’ve completed another rewrite, changing almost every word and adding new scenes and details. If you’ve read an earlier version, the overall characters and story are the same, it’s just the writing that’s different, along with some of the structure.



I’ve seen some fans say that they’re disappointed I haven’t continued the series and they could be forgiven for thinking that I gave up, my apologies to them, but the reality of writing is … if you aren’t making money, you can’t write, because you can’t live without food. I’ve had to focus on that side of life while also building an audience, because it doesn’t matter how good a book is, if no one hears about it, then … no one is going to read it. Money isn’t my motivator, but hey, we need it, so I had to get that first, now I’m focusing on the series. My plan is to complete all 5 books, in however long it takes me, but it’s the goal. Will rewrite the second next. The third is in first draft form. Then I will have to write fourth and fifth.



So, to everyone who has read it and everyone interested, thanks for checking the page out and hope you enjoy the books! And the AI generated art, it’s super cool being able to show some concepts, even if not entirely accurate, I’m just trying to get the “vibe” right. As seen in this tropical scene near the equator, so we see Earth’s rings as quite thin.

Tropical Beach
Author Z. J. Rykoa

About Zy Rykoa (author, me)


Born and raised in Australia, grew up in a country sort of area, did pretty poorly in school but always got top marks on stories … so I guess the signs were there that I might write novels. Let’s hope these novels get top marks too!


Played a lot of basketball and Quake (game), learned to surf and ride waves, learned to make music, take photos, record audio, make videos, write scripts and a bunch of other things that somehow became the foundation I would use to build a YouTube channel. Thanks to the YouTube channel I got fairly well known for reviews and some life advice videos. Got the opportunity to design a product. And now back writing novels.


Why does any of this matter? Because I didn’t have a path set for me, I just kept following passions and working hard in my spare time on whatever I found interesting… and somehow it became my career. It also shows that you never really know where you’re going to end up, so just keep working hard, eat well, exercise, sleep, put effort into relationships and being the best you can be, fix everything you can and … while there’s no guarantee that you will make it, there should be much more potential to make it if you keep working on yourself and your life. That’s the key … using your potential to build possibilities.


Life is complicated. It’s amazing we’re even alive to think about any of this. So no matter where you’re at or what you’re doing, I hope you can appreciate it for what it is, then try for better. Within reason, obviously, balance is also key. Ok that’s enough seriousness out of me, go read the book! …when you can.