The story...

World War III almost destroyed the planet and most of our history was lost. Almost a thousand years later in the Year 997 R.E., maps have been found of the world that we would recognize, but it is not their world. All the continents have changed shape, with new nations taking the place of the old. Now in World War IV, the thing that almost destroyed the planet is coming back, threatening to return us to the “Forgotten Years”, which are known as the darkest times ever seen on Earth.

The Heroes Fall 1 When War Calls Front Cover

SERIES: The Heroes Fall


TITLE: When War Calls

BEGINS: Year 997 R.E.


BLURB: Imagine having the power to stand in front of bullets and missiles, and be completely safe behind walls of energy. That’s the Daijuar. Yet they are rarely seen in World War IV, using their power only to defend fleeing people when the World Protection Alliance advances on a city. As the Alliance tries to push into the fourth continent, the people need the Daijuar more than ever, but for Jaden, they might be his only hope at surviving a mysterious illness that is infecting the youth all over the world.


If everything is taken from you as you’re forced to join the wars, would you choose revenge if it meant your death? Or would you try to escape to survive for the years to come? What if the world you were taught as you grew up was only half the story? What if your reality changed every day and you didn’t know what was real anymore, how would you know what to do?


Modern fantasy set in World War IV, hero’s journey, philosophy and psychology, following the most powerful people to understand how they will end the wars and save the planet.


LENGTH: ~200,000 words or ~650 pages

RELEASE DATE: 9th of September 2023

AUTHOR: Z. J. Rykoa