This series is self-published, available through Amazon. If you have any issues, let me know through comments on YouTube or other socials and I’ll see what I can do. Amazon returns are usually good though so should be fine. Any formatting issues or spelling errors, that’s something I will need to address! Check the links below for where to buy digital and paperback copies.

The Heroes Fall 1 When War Calls Front Cover

The physical paperback version can be bought from Amazon…




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And just so you know, this book was released before, meaning those 4 reviews that are already there are from the previous version. This is a new rewrite, so once you see the reviews go more than 4 (on the US site), that’s when there are new reviews!


Find me on YouTube or Twitter and let me know if you have any issues, but Amazon seems solid, and I THINK I’ve followed all the instructions properly, so should be all good!

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

What’s the story here?


Back in the day, you needed a publisher to get books printed, but now Amazon has a print-on-demand service, so my books are available through there in paperback and ebook (Kindle). The links below will take you directly to the Amazon pages for them.


Why did I choose to self-publish?


That’s the amazing thing about technology and having the internet… I can actually do all this on my own. I already have a YouTube following so I can tell people when my books are out and Amazon does the printing. A publisher would help with editing, but after 20 years working on this series, I like the idea that it stays true to what I imagined for it and how I wanted to tell the story.


If you’ve ever worked on something and poured your heart into it, you’ll know what I mean. Sure, it’s not perfect, nothing is, but that’s part of the charm, right?


Hope you enjoy the series!