About The Series

The Heroes Fall is a fantasy series set in Earth’s future. World War 3 almost destroyed the planet, and now World War 4 is threatening to do the same.

Two books are currently available, see below for details!

Book 1

Title: When War Calls
Genre: Modern Fantasy, Superhero, Sci-Fi
Word Count: 152,000
Available: Amazon and Smash Words
Price: $3.99
Elements: Super Powers, War, Adventure
Maps: Aurialis
We almost lost everything in World War 3. World War 4 might be the last.

In the year 997 R.E., it’s a world we wouldn’t recognise anymore. All the continents have changed shape completely, our history was lost and now there are rings around the planet. We only know rumours of what happened, but we need to know as our survival is at risk again. Something like magic is making people so powerful that they can hold back entire armies. We all have our ideas of what the world should be, but we don’t have the power to make the changes. These people do.

Jaden is a terminally ill youth forced to join World War 4. He needs a cure, fast. And these powerful people might be the only ones that can help. But they might also be the ones that will destroy him and everyone else.

Book 2

Title: By Fate Or Chance
Genre: Modern Fantasy, Superhero, Sci-Fi
Word Count: 141,000
Available: Amazon and Smash Words
Price: $4.99
Elements: Super Powers, War, Martial Arts, Horror
Maps: Tiquan
In World War 4 most of the cities are in ruins. There are people with superpowers who can defend the cities, but not enough to protect them all. In one, a young man stays alive with his little brother by fighting in the tournaments and stealing when they don’t win enough. But they are not ordinary people. Their hidden talents are about to draw the attention of powerful people all around the world, and it’s up to Jaden to get to them first, before they are forced to fight for their lives.

Although he wants to help, Jaden knows that his life is in danger. He learns that his recurring nightmare of a dark haired boy is real, and these powerful brothers could destroy him too if he is not careful.