World Maps

A thousand years from now, the Earth is a very different place.

All the continents have changed shape, much faster than we believed possible. And we now have rings around our planet that would be the envy of anyone that lived on Saturn. What could have caused these changes? How could they have happened so abruptly? And what if they happen again? The first book in The Heroes Fall series is out now!

Below you will find illustrations of the full Earth in the year 997 R.E. and also some flat maps showing the continents. Maps will be released for the continents as the books require.

Listen to the author, Zy J. Rykoa talking about creating the 3D world map!

Earth 997 RE click for HD!

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Earth in the year 997 R.E.

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The continent where the story begins…

Jaden will try to find the answers in The Heroes Fall series. Get your copy of the first book “When War Calls” by following this link!


Where the second book takes place…