When War Calls – Book Review

Part of a review of the first book (due to various copyright laws, I can’t publish the entire review!).

Review Source: Gold Coast Bulletin
Book: The Heroes Fall – When War Calls

The Heroes Fall – When War Calls, is a sci-fi-fantasy/war epic – a fantastical tale of sorcerers and magic, huge armies locked in global combat, terrifying monsters and peaceful villagers, weaved around the struggles of a young hero and in which, as with all good tales, nothing and no one is quite what it seems.

The first in a planned series of five books, it is set 1000 years into the future – a future in which the continents have shifted due to some forgotten catastrophe – and the planet is engulfed in World War IV with technologically-advanced armies of the World Protection Alliance battling the nations of the United Resistance.

This is all good, enjoyable stuff and in Jaden, Rykoa has constructed as good an adolescent hero figure as you’ll find anywhere, one dealing not only with a crippling illness, but also those teenage nasties of first love and jealousy with a dose of betrayal thrown in.

It’s a terrific effort and a work of great promise from a debut writer with some real talent and feel for the genre. Any book that ends with the reader anxious to get their hands on the next installment has got to be a winner.

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