Virtuar Awakening

Hi, if you’ve found this page, you’ve probably read Virtuar – Awakening, released in December 2008 as a paperback on the Gold Coast, Australia, written by me, Z. J. Rykoa.
First of all, yes, this is the same book as Book 1 of The Heroes Fall series, so you’re in the right place!

What happened?

Well, Virtuar – Awakening was never meant to gain popularity, it was a test release of something I had put a lot of years into and wasn’t sure if it was ready, and as it turns out, while it did get good reviews, it wasn’t quite where it needed to be. So I had to let the contract expire (3 years) and then rewrite parts of it. The copy you read was 135,000 words. The new copy is over 150,000 words. I was worried about going to such huge word counts for my first novel, but I’ve realised since then that I need to write the story for the story itself, not what I think publishers and readers might want. So, in 4 years I’ve matured a lot and I can see the story a lot clearer, and as a result, I believe it’s a much richer and more rewarding reading experience.

The changes

There are a few structural and some name changes. I decided to use as few creative names as possible, so instead of the “Arcktahn Alliance”, it is now simply the “World Protection Alliance”, and the “Kaiyen Resistance” is now the “United Resistance”. I know that the other names had their charm and added to the character of the book, but it really helps the story feel more solid this way.

Will I need to re-read it?

You can re-read it if you like, but otherwise I can just tell you which chapters you need to read for the new parts. I’m more than happy to provide you with a free copy of the new book (in digital form, as I am not sure how I will be getting it printed next), so just get in touch with me through this site or via the forum. My email is Zy at this domain, so just talk to me directly and I’ll make sure you’re looked after!


I’d like to say sorry to anyone who is completely committed to the Awakening story as it is, but … it had to be done, and it was always going to be done. I just hope you enjoy the read and can forgive me because you like the new version better anyway! 🙂 Happy reading, and thank you so much for the interest … I have to say, the only thing that I love as much as writing these novels is having people to share them with, it might sound a bit cliche saying that, but seriously, it makes the novels seem so much more real when others are coming along for the ride. So big thanks, and yes, the sequels are on their way! Check the main sites and Facebook for updates!