Genres: Modern Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult, Magical Realism
Author: Zy J. Rykoa

What is it about?

We almost lost everything in World War 3. World War 4 might be the last.

In the year 997 R.E. (Reborn Earth), it’s a world we wouldn’t recognise anymore. All the continents have changed shape completely, our history was lost and now there are rings around the planet. We only know rumours of what happened, but we need to know as our survival is at risk again. Something like magic is making people so powerful that they can stand in front of entire armies. We all have our ideas of what the world should be, but we don’t have the power to make the changes. These people do.

The books follow the lives of some of the new generation gaining in the power. Their minds are still being shaped, and the previous generations know that, so they try to lure them to their side.

Modern fantasy with superheroes, world war and some dark themes. Mostly character driven, plenty of plot and twists.

Why are they at war?

There are two major super powers: the World Protection Alliance and the United Resistance. One stands for conquering the world in order to save it from pollution, the other stands for freedom and allowing nations to live as they choose. When choosing a side, the question must be asked: Which is more important, nature or liberty? But more importantly, can anyone really be trusted with that much power?

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9 thoughts on “The Series

  1. alicia

    I loved the book, I would absolutely love to read more, and would love to get copies of the ebooks via my email. I happened to come across it in my local library and it jumped out at me. thanks for getting back to me 🙂

  2. Hello Zy,

    I cam across your book on Smashwords and am intrigued by the story line. I do look forward to reading it. Yes, I have downloaded it.
    I am an historian, educator, writer, editor, publisher, book reviewer and long time veteran advocate. As such, I work with veterans, helping them tell their stories; am editor for memoirs of the West Point Class of ’68. I also work with “civilian” writers, helping them tell their stories.
    The choice between freedom and nature is a very interesting question!
    I am curious about this series, Virtuar that I noted in the conversation on here.
    Just dropping in to say hello, like to help writers get their stories around. If you need reviews, do let me know.
    Miz’ Remy

    • Zy

      Hi Miz’ Remy, thanks for looking the series up. Just to clarify, the series was originally titled Virtuar but it is now The Heroes Fall.

      Sounds like you’re very busy, but if you end up reading the book you downloaded, then I’d be more than happy to receive a review for it.

      Thanks again!

  3. Zy,

    Started reading it…like it! Sent the link around to some people, will do the twitter thing for you. Do let me know when book 2 comes out, and yes, you may use my e-mail address.

  4. crispy

    Hello zy, have just finished reading heroes fall when war calls. Can’t wait until the next in the series is out. I downloaded the ebook from look forward to reading more of your work. Thanks for a great read. Please feel free to email me. Thanks again
    All my best

    • Zy

      Hi, thanks for the kind words. The second book is currently finished in a second draft stage, but I’m focusing my efforts on other projects for now in hope that I can gain more momentum in the industry. As you probably know, it’s extremely hard for new authors to get known. Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it, will definitely let you know once I release Book 2. Any reviews, comments or word-of-mouth recommendations to help get it out there more would be appreciated, of course!

  5. Nespirina

    Love the book, now I am in suspense waiting on book 2. Please let me know when it is available. Will post out for you on my media accounts. Nesp

    • Zy

      Glad you liked it and thanks for spreading the word! Will let you know as soon as the second is released. 🙂

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