New Novel Series

The first of the new novel series is now out, revised and ready.

It was released under a different title in 2008 and received high praise, from both casual readers and professional reviewers. As an author, that’s always encouraging to know, but there was not enough budget to really promote it.

They say writing a novel is only half the battle, because promoting the book can sometimes be harder. So I guess the next time you ask why books are so expensive and why publishers take so much of the profit … just remember how hard they have to work and how much they have to spend to take a gamble on a new work. Not everything is going to be a Harry Potter, Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey best seller.

You can get the eBook from this site for $4.99 or head on over to Amazon and get the Kindle version for $9.99. Amazon is more expensive as incentive to buy from this site instead and also because Amazon charge a fee on each copy sold. The PDF should suit most people!

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